Arcade games

What is arcade games?

Run, jump, collect, merge, explore. And everything else you love! Yes, we’re talking free arcade games on Playhop. There’s no other game genre this engaging and thrilling. From arcade classics like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Golden Age, and Street Fighter to super modern 3D arcades, you’ll definitely find something to relax with since we have a huge collection of free online arcades. And you only need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop! Ready to start?

Arcade games — how do you play?

Looking for the perfect game for an evening, going on a trip, or waiting in line? No more searching since Playhop has your favorite arcade games. Racing, battles, runners, or puzzles, there are dozens of genres in this category for you to have a good time with. And yes, it’s free, and the mobile games open in your browser window with no download required.