Economy games

What is economy games?

Turn a small company into a global business empire! Sounds too complicated? Try it! If you’re ready, Playhop has collections of free online games that don’t need to be downloaded. See what it’s like to be a top manager in charge of a farm, supermarket, factory, or supply chain. Even online trading. All that is a couple clicks away on your laptop or smartphone! These games are almost like real life, only better. Instead of all the stress and tough decisions, you get to enjoy the results and an exciting process. Ready to lead a business empire?

Economy games — how do you play?

Become a farmer earning millions on vegetables. Or see what it’s like to be an investor in industry. Ready to found a steel mill or tech startup? You could even become city mayor! Everything is like in real life: projects, budgets, and the single goal of earning as much as possible. Build your development strategy and have fun!