Horror games

What is horror games?

Boo! Did we scare you? Welcome to the horror category on Playhop! We gathered the scariest, most horrifying, and darkest games just for you. That’s why you’re playing, right? Monsters and zombies live here, and you need to survive and hide. But the coolest thing is that these horrors stay on the other side of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen. Play online and without registering, and try not to scream!

Horror games — how do you play?

Escape from an abandoned house or monsters in the forest. Or maybe stay alive while solving puzzles left by some very strange people. Playing horror games is scary but fascinating. The gameplay of most games is understandable, and the main thing is to get into the story. Games in this category are available on any device and with no downloads. Turn off the lights and get ready to be scared!