Racing games

What is racing games?

Get behind the wheel of a racing car, truck, tank, flying machine, or bike. And let’s go! In races on Playhop, you can conquer any space at high speed. Navigate through traffic, deliver goods, or explore cities and deserts in an open world. Choose any type of transport and go crazy choosing a road. All games are available online too, so there’s no need to download or register. Step on the gas!

Racing games — how do you play?

Step on the gas pedal and turn the wheel — that’s all you need to know! The only restriction in racing is the speed marks on your car’s speedometer. 3D racing gives you a full sense of reality, flying machines can soar into the sky in a cyberpunk environment, and city driving simulators are so realistic we could easily mistake them for actual life. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy driving and speed. And the coolest thing is that you can experience all of it on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!