Board games

What is board games?

Board games are timeless classics, and who doesn’t want to play chess or Monopoly? Dozens of games are available online with no registration, and you can play many of them with your friends since they support multiplayer mode. Checkers, dominoes, Scrabble — all of them await you on Playhop. Grab your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to prove to everyone who the board game master is!

Board games — how do you play?

You don’t need a table to play our selection of board games! All you have to do is open Playhop in the browser on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. And voila — half the battle is already done! The rest depends on your logic and ingenuity. Some games require strategic thinking, while others are all about imagination. Regardless, they’ll keep your brain in shape and make sure you have a good time. Jump in there!