Digital Services Act

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 October 2022 on a Single Market for Digital Services and amending Directive 2000/31/EC (“Digital Services Act” - “DSA”), on this page you will find Playhop’s required disclosures under Article 24.

Average number of Playhop’s EU monthly active recipients

According to Article 24 (2) of DSA, providers of online platforms are required to publish information on the average monthly active recipients of the service in the European Union (“EU”) every six months. Among other things, this number is for the purpose of determining whether such providers are considered a very large online platform (“VLOP”) or very large online search engine (“VLOSE”), i.e. more than 45 million monthly active recipients of the service in the EU.

The estimated average number of monthly active recipients of Playhop in the EU based on the 6-month period ending on 01/06/2024 is 2172241.

This information is provided solely to satisfy the requirements of the DSA and should not be used for any other purpose. This information may differ from user metrics reported in other contexts.

Disputes About User Content and Accounts

Under the DSA platforms, such as Playhop, are required to have a process in place to aid the notification of illegal content by individuals or entities.

According to Article 16 of the DSA, government authorities, trusted flaggers, and users online can submit complaints about illegal content.

If you believe that content on Playhop is illegal in the European Union or in violation of Playhop's public documents, reporting directly.

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Opportunities to dispute the decisions

The DSA provides opportunities to dispute the decisions that online platforms make about content and user accounts. If you believe we've mistakenly taken action on your account or reported content, you can appeal our decision within six months by sending a message to Playhop using the contacts posted on this page, including if you disagree with the outcome of an appeal.

In addition, you can contact a certified out-of-court dispute settlement body to help resolve any dispute with us relating to our actions on your account or reported content, including if you disagree with the outcome of an appeal. The European Commission will maintain a website listing the available settlement bodies as they become certified. Decisions by out-of-court dispute settlement bodies are not binding on you or on Playhop.

Single Point of Contact

Articles 11 and 12 of the DSA require online platforms to designate a single point of contact to enable direct communication with users in the EU, the European Commission, EU Member States’ authorities, and the European Board for Digital Services regarding the application of the DSA.

Please submit inquiries in English to